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So you wanna play a mage! The chargen is ready and linked in the OOC Nexus, so please follow instructions. Here are the general guidelines on character creation.

The Newblet - 1st Year Student

  • Standard CG rules apply. (Check cg/check in chargen to see how many points you have)
  • IC assumptions: You've been awakened for 1 year, and you either took the entrance examination or were recommended by a mentor/alumnus of the university.

The Journey(wo)man - 3rd/4th Year Student

  • Standard CG + 15 XP to spend anywhere.
  • Automagical +1 occult, +1 academics, +1 university status, and +5 points of rotes to show standard curriculum.
  • IC assumptions: You're halfway through your time at the university. Typically, a third to half of your original class has been weeded out for various reasons at this point. People could have been expelled, quit from burnout (psychological or magical), or in some tragic cases even died. More often than not, you start leading minor expeditions to Abyssal intrusions as part of your Battle Magic curriculum and/or start taking a magical research project under the guidance of a faculty member.

Seasoned Magus - Faculty

  • Standard CG + 40 XP to spend anywhere
  • Automagical +2 occult, +2 academics, +2 university status, and +10 points of rotes to show your experience.
  • IC assumptions: You start off as an untenured faculty member. This designation is that of an Assistant Professor or a Second Class Instructor (in the case of the Faculty of Battle Magic). You're using university resources to fight off abyssal intrusions, figure out what truly is the prices of magic or maintain the status quo. You're helping determine the direction of the university through internal politicking and pressures.