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T H E G O L D E N R O A D port 4201
Contributions by staff and players: 5
  • Universal Application Standards: These apply to everyone. Check individual sphere pages for sphere-specific rules.
  • Currently accepted templates: Mage
  • Potential add-ons in the future: Werewolf
Systems 2e CoD
  • The Books: Mage the Awakening 2E, Signs of Sorcery
  • XP Chart: A cheatsheet for XP costs.

RP Info
  • Theme: Current Mood and Theme
  • Timeline: What's happened on the MUX so far?
  • Setting: Cayuga Falls NY and the Havrion University for Magical Pedagogy
  • Channel List: These are the various channels people may join; some are public, some are private group channels, and some are pretty random.
  • Bulletin Board List: All the many boards.
  • Logging: How to set up an automatic logger in your client.
  • Wiki: To get a wiki account, submit a '+req/web <title>=<blah>' in game where <blah> should be a valid email address, your preferred user name, and a second choice user name in case your first choice is taken.