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Welcome to the fictional town of Cayuga Falls, New York and the Havrion University for Magical Pedagogy, the setting of the Golden Road MUX
To connect, telnet to port 4201.
Editing is restricted (to keep out the spambots). Real Persons, please contact staff with your wiki username.
Quick Links
  • System: We use God Machine Chronicles, (formerly New World of Darkness)
  • Spheres: The focus is currently on Mage the Awakening 2nd Edition.
  • Books: The system uses 2nd Edition of Mage the Awakening and Signs of Sorcery along with the GMC corebook. Other books may be implemented in the future.
  • Character Generation: Some help getting started.
  • Timeline: Current Timeline for the MU*
  • Theme: Theme and Mood of the MU*
  • Story Arc: Chapter 1 - The Price of Magic.
  • Businesses: A list of IC businesses, locations, and 'advertising' of such.
  • Living Resources: Apartments for rent, building codes, how to +req living quarters.