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Cayuga Falls

Cayuga Falls is a fictional city in the Finger Lakes region of New York. It is the seat of Tompkins County, as well as the largest community in the Tompkins County metropolitan area with a population of roughly 40,000 strong. It's at the seat of the Finger Lakes and is not too far from Cayuga Lake, just at the tip of said lake with a lush waterfall that brings down fresh water from the Appalachians.

The Havrion University of Magical Pedagogy

Long ago, the region was filled with mythical bygones. One particular such bygone, Shamash, was a powerful dragon that was responsible for much of he geography in the region. It's unknown why, but eventually as the age of man continued, Shamash was overcome and eventually died. It's upon (and inside parts of) his body that the biodome which would be the Havrion University of Magical Pedagogy would be established, being moved from it's original home, the Smithsonian Institutes in the late 1990s.

The entire campus is magically sealed and warded against outside intruders. The campus recruits promising recruits, often asking for recommendations from renown mages that comes from the ranks of their former alumni and visiting professors. Naturally, there might be a few naturally wild talents that could do well with the rigorous curriculum that prepares any magus worth his or her salt to be a powerful willworker of repute.

In the cases of students who are NOT sent personally by a recommender, admissions exams occur once every nine weeks. It's there that the faculty and students focused in portents and time magic often whisk away promising applicants and subject them to a grueling series of tests. If they pass, they are welcomed to the university and offered a spot. If they don't... well, it's not like they knew about the university anyway.

It's because of this later practice (instituted by the more egalitarian Mysterium and Libertine faculty), that the Thearch faculty have formed a tight coalition with the Guardians of the Veil. They want to make sure that only good and 'proper' students get brought to the school, which has caused a rift between these two major political factions within the university. The Adamantine Arrows, having established their faculty of battle magic to fight the growing spread of the Abyss and the increase in number of ansho throughout the globe have remained neutral.

Notable NPCs

  • Chancellor, Ruben Bartholemoi The Third, Thearch and leader of the elite faction within the school
  • Dean of Research, Inorai El-Melloi, Mystagogue and thorn in his side
  • Head of the Dept. of Cosmology, Dr. Kenneth Animusphere, Libertine
  • Head of the Dept. of Magecraft, Lorelai Balfeban, Mystagogue
  • Head of the College of Battle Magic, Laughing Eagle, Adamantine Arrow
  • "School Nurse", Miss Diagnosis, Guardians of the Veil
  • Head of the College of Lex Magica,
  • Head of the Dept. of Lore,
  • Head of the Dept. of Magical Creatures,
  • Head of the Dept. of Alchemy,

Faculty PCs

  • Void, Second Class Instructor of Battle Magic, Adamantine Arrow
  • Elias, Second Class Instructor of Battle Magic, Adamantine Arrow
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Strategy and Tactics, College of Battle Magic
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Modern Magecraft, Dept. of Magecraft
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Magical Ethics, College of Lex Magica
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Magical Archaeology, Dept. of Lore
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Umbral Cartography, Dept. of Cosmology
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Xenobiology, Dept. of Magical Creatures
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Xenobotany, Dept. of Magical Creatures
  • TBD, Assistant Prof. of Metallurgy, Dept. of Alchemy