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Chronos is a Witch and a third year student. He's supposedly from the area but doesn't seem to have had many friends from before joining the University. To call a Mage odd is probably par for the course, but sometimes he seems oblivious to contemporary culture and news.

Despite rumors that he's a Guardian, he's approachable and friendly, even if he isn't the bubbly, sociable kind. He always has time to help fellow students however and has sometimes acted as a teacher assistant to Miko on field trips.

Further rumors would have it that if you get him talking about the Abyss or the Astral realms, all social awkwardness goes out the window. It's also been said that he knows how to fly propeller planes.


Local, not local: He claims to have grown up in Hancock, a few counties over to the north east of here, but no one who's the same age would remember him from school.

Dreamer: Normally the purview of Warlocks and Psychonauts, he shows an uncommon interest in the Astral realms for a Witch.

The Abyss: Guardians are notorious for spouting their warnings of courting the Abyss. This Guardian seems to take an almost academic interest in the Void.


Long term: Time loses it's meaning, causing people to lose track of it's passing, missing appointments or forgetting to eat.

Immediate: Time seems to act irratically, slowing down or speeding up or even skip periods of time altogether.

Signature: A sense of having lost time. As if there's pieces of one's past missing, gaps in the timeline.

Chronos 01.jpg

Path: Acanthus
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Title: Adept
Year: 3rd
Birthday: January 14
Played By: Benjamin Eidem