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Meat Space

Shadow Name: The Crucible
Concept: Living Lab
Birth Date: Late February
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Manhattan
Occupation: Asst Prof of Summoning
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Tamers of Blood
Cabal: None

Astral Space


  • None - Song
  • Well fine. Buy it there then.

    Snapshot Observations
  • The Crucible is a Moros with a penitent for discovery and experimentation. He can often get lost in his studies, but will lend an ear or a hand when he can. Sometimes they might even be his own. When a brilliant idea comes to mind he will lock himself away in his lab, and what comes out is anyone's guess. Getting The Crucible to talk can be like pulling teeth when the subject has nothing to do with invention and creation. What he lacks in social acumen and conversation he makes up for in his ability to teach.

  • RP Hooks
  • New York: A resident and native of The Big Apple.
  • For Science!: The Crucible had dreams of becoming a scientist before his Awakening. He does live that dream, but not by mundane means.
  • Curiosity: He's an extremely curious man, even by the standards of Willworkers.
  • Moros: More Alchemist than Necromancer, although he does enjoy the occasional conversation with a ghost.
  • Alchemist: His knowledge of Death and Matter are equal, although his preferences lie within what Matter offers.
  • The Crucible: His Shadow Name, his being, and the sole reason for his existence.
  • Libertine: The Crucible has been a member of the Free Council nearly as long as he's been Awakened. Despite his membership he doesn't favor his Order over the Diamond when it pertains to the school.
  • Alumni: The Crucible graduated from Havrion University about 6 years ago, specializing in alchemy at the time.
  • Tamer: A Tamer of the Blood, to be specific.
  • Assistant Professor: He works under Professor REDACTED dutifully, although he is a bit
  • Summoning: His specialty and what he teaches in the University.
  • The Underworld: The first of the realms invisible he traveled to. He has the most interesting conversations with kereboi.

  • Rumors and Reputation
  • Feel free to add or note anything you think fits that may have been heard about The Crucible.
  • His favor is earned in baked goods.

  • Logs
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